The Signature Door Advantage

We aren’t different to be different….We are different to be better!

 We offer you a door system that is engineered to minimize the effects that are commonly associated with wood doors. Warp, twist and bow are a few complaints of wood door owners when their doors are subjected to the weather conditions described in the illustration below.

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The Signature System allows all components to operate independently, yet remain sealed with one another.

The panels are sealed to the frame and the frames are sealed to the door. This doesn’t allow the panel or door slab to have an adverse effect on each other when the door expands and contracts due to temperature changes. The silicone bond acts as a flexible seal to allow movement between the various parts.

See the door layout below to understand how this construction allows for superior stability and strength.


“Quality isn’t something that can be argued into an article or promised into it. It must be put there. If it isn’t put there, the finest sales talk in the world won’t act as a substitute.” -C.G. Campbell