Finishing Information

If Signature Door Inc. has supplied the lock, remove the lock so that you can finish the door under the lock.

For a fiberglass door, insert screw covers, provided in the packet attached to your door, over the screw heads around the glass insert. Apply a proper finishing coat to all surfaces of your new door unit. See Finishing Fiberglass Doors

For a wood door, fill the brad holes around the panels and glass frames. A proper finish is crucial when installing a wood door. This preserves the door surface and without a proper finish your door can be damaged by the elements. Grain sealer is required for Signature Door to Warrant its product. Failure to properly finish your door immediately will void the door warranty. Door must be sealed under the lock, and all hinges or plates, to be covered by Signature Door’s warranty.

Lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper to remove any silicone, oil, fingerprints, or any other foreign materials that will prevent the stain and top coat from properly adhering to the wood. Apply Stain and wipe off any excess. Wood does have color variances and can be blended to a closer match with a proper stain. Apply a quality clear topcoat. Lightly sand between coats of top coat with 240 grit sandpaper to remove any wood hairs that have risen during the application of the previous coat of top coat.  In addition, the sanding enables the following layer of top coat to adhere to the previous layer.Be sure to clear coat with a minimum of 3 coats of a marine type varnish, with a UV inhibitor.

Now is the time to install your lock set per the lock manufacturers directions.