Lockset Options


Bi-folding Track Hardware

Carriers, guides and pivots use the highest grade stainless steel bearings, custom machined to extremely fine tolerances and carry a 10 year limited warranty.

flush sill options

Flush Channel

bumper sill

Bumper Sill

  • Door slab dimensions up to 43” x 157”
  • Up to (8) door slabs seated per track
  • (2) tracks can be brought together for an overall unit width of 52’ divided among (16) door slabs
  • Each door hangs on a carrier (attached to the top hinge) which houses a minimum of (5) stainless steel bearings, guaranteeing against dirt/debris in the sill track affecting the performance of the carrier
  • Every other door slab has (4) weather-strip kerfs – (1) at each corner – effectively resisting air infiltration to a level up to (50) times better than a sliding door when used with a bumper sill.
  • Whether blinds-between-glass, decorative glass or raised panels are used, this hardware allows any glass or panel design, and any stile-and-rail configuration with recessed or mission moldings
  • Vertical and Lateral adjustments can be made simply using a screwdriver
  • All fittings are surface-mounted
  • 10 year limited warranty