Our Signature “Seal” of Approval

Medallion A

Signature Door Inc. labels their product with stamped medallions as shown above.  These medallions have a unique serial number stamped into them for every individual door that is produced. This allows our customers to know that any and all details unique to their door are saved in our order archives.


On multiple occasions it has been brought to the attention of Signature Door Inc., that the name and testing data owned solely by Signature Door Inc., is being copied, misused and filed with the appropriate government offices as authentic.  Below are 2 examples of fraudulent labels that were put on products that are not a product of, nor are they authorized to manufacture under the Signature Door Inc. name.



Fraudulant labels shown above were used to mis-label doors not manufactured by Signature Door Inc.

 Signature Door Inc., has never used an adhesive sticker as their label.


Please contact Dennis Nixon, Sr., at (800) 741-2265, if you have a door unit that is being misrepresented as a Signature Door Inc. product.  A simple phone call giving us this number will confirm that the unit you have purchased is an actual Signature Door. You may also email us at

Thank you for your attention in this matter.  Signature Door Inc. values the safety and well being of  your family.  Doors manufactured by others that are labeled with fraudulant labels, may not meet state codes.