2005_E3_006Up to 16 panels per opening

Bi-Folding Door System

2004_E3_003Combine indoors and outdoors

2003_E2_016Corner applications

With precision-made hardware and quality solid wood doors that operate at the touch of a finger, indoors and outdoors become one. This system achieves superior rain and wind resistance up to 50 times better than a traditional sliding door system. Open up that room to the gentle breezes on nice days and shut out the elements completely on those nasty days.



Multiple Configurations Available. Click for details

S1 Bi-Fold Door Screening System

Featuring a rolling screen system that easily pulls across the opening and re-rolls completely back onto itself when it is not needed.


Dropbolt-Diff-Throws-07_07_RBi-Fold Hardware

 1724_small E3_carrier_07_07

Hardware Details


Blinds Between Glass

Blind Details