Wood-Grain Fiberglass Decorative Entryways 

fiberglass door


Signature Door, Inc. is proud to introduce you to our fiberglass door program. There are several remarkable differences available that add value to our door series, including the following: design diversity; break-resistant Protector® glass; security; precise machining; unparalleled glass configurations and options.


Serenity Glass Series

full_sl_serenitysmall  serenity massachussettssmall  serenity new jerseysmall  8x48 2-lite Serenitysmall  serenity georgiasmall  12_sl_serenitysmall

Wrought-Iron Series

WIfullslsmall  WIfullsmall  wrought iron new jerseysmall  8x48 2-lite Wrought Iron small  wrought iron georgiasmall  12_sl_wismall

Templar Series

full_sl_templarsmall  templar massachussettssmall  templar new jerseysmall  8x48 2-lite Templarsmall  templar georgiasmall  12_sl_templarsmall

Smoked Series

full_sl_smokedsmall   smoked massachussettssmall   8x48 2-lite Smokedsmall   smoked new jerseysmall   smoked georgiasmall   12_sl_smokedsmall   smoked new yorksmall   Smoked SBsmall

Seaview Series

full_sl_seaviewsmall  seaview massachussettssmall  8x48 2-lite Seaviewsmall  seaview new jerseysmall  12_sl_seaviewsmall  seaview georgiasmall  seaview new yorksmall  seaview SBsmall

 Tuscany Series

full_sl_tuscanysmall  tuscany massachussettssmall  tuscany new jerseysmall  8x48 2-lite Tuscanysmall  tuscany new yorksmall  tuscany georgiasmall  12_sl_tuscanysmall

Longport Series

full_sl_longportsmall  longport massachussettssmall  longport_34_lite_smallk  longport new yorksmall  longport georgiasmall  12_sl_longportsmall

Ornate Bevel Series

full_sl_ornate bevelsmall  ornate massachussettssmall  ornate bevel marylandsmall  ornate bevel new yorksmall  ornate bevel georgiasmall  12_sl_ornate bevelsmall

Asbury Series

full_sl_asburysmall asbury new yorksmall asbury halflitesmall 12_sl_asburysmall


  • Fiberglass reinforced door skins
  • Our high-impact compression molded skins will not splinter, dent, warp, rot or rust
  • Full-length composite stiles and composite top and bottom rails
  • Environmentally sound polyurethane foam core
  • Available Pre-hung
  • Maintenance-Free composite jambs, astragals, mull and brickmold casings are available
  • Easily stained or painted
  • Deep-profile fiberglass skins enhance the doors traditional oak woodgrain appearance
  • Numerous decorative glass styles to choose from



Prefinished Available
Door Width (Inches) 32″ and 36″
Door Height (Inches) 79″
Sidelite Width (Inches) 12″ and 14″
Sidelite Height (Inches) 79 1/4″
Prehung Available
Rough Opening Height (Inches) N/A
Rough Opening Width (Inches) N/A
Lockset Bore Available
Lockset Included No


Woodgrain Texture Fiberglass Yes
Glass Type 1″ Insulated
Door Type Exterior
Door Construction Fiberglass
Door Warranty Limited Lifetime
Door Handing LH or RH
Door Swing Inswing or Outswing
Jamb Width 4 9/16″, 6 9/16″